Saturday, April 26, 2014

Things Winding Down Scholastically.

My life has been crazy busy this last month. 
A lot has happened, a lot more than one blog post's worth, so I will most likely be breaking this up into a few different posts. This post is to focus on the end of my Academic Career. As most people who are in college right now, we have now been approach with finals. My end of the semester looks like this:

Papers on papers on papers. Normally I am okay with writing all of these papers, but this semester I am having trouble caring about them. This is my last semester of school. That's it. I'm done. I'll be graduating, I'll be free! FREEEEE! However, in the mean time, I am feeling very much like this:
That's it for now! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Glasses Wearer Woes

I am an eye glasses wearer. I have been since I was 18months old. For all my life that I can remember, I have worn glasses. I have had every style, material, and lens known to man. I have never worn contacts. Reason being I honestly do not feel like myself without my glasses.Glasses have been apart of my life for so long, they feel like a part of me. Most of the people I interact with also do not recognize me with glasses. I enjoy them and the services that they provide my face. Plus I think I can pull them off pretty well.
For those of you who do wear glasses, you probably have had to deal with this at some point in your lifetime:

This question bugs me somewhat. I do not understand what the fascination of wearing glasses is to non-glasses wearers. Knowing that they get some small pleasure from wearing my glasses, I usually allow them to try on mine. Once that happens, the following comments are usually made:

The first comment I find interesting. By trying on someone's glasses, people seem to think it is okay to comment rudely on their disability. That is what glasses were invented for, to assist with a disability. True, vision impairment is more common these days. It is so common it is as if we have forgotten why people are wearing these devices in the first place.
The second comment I always am a little confused. Why do you suddenly need glasses? Have you realized that your eyes are not in the best shape upon wearing my glasses? Do you like how they feel? Where is this sudden urge coming from?
The final comment I am always most confused with. How on earth are glasses supposed to make you look smarter? I do not instantly think that someone is smarter simply based on their eye wear. I base their intelligence on what they can actually do. Am I missing this smartness scale that every has seemed to have adopted? Was there a meeting to decided this? Many people who wear glasses are not of highest intelligence, same as many people who do not wear glasses are very intelligent.
This whole trying on another person's glasses has always interested me. I do not get upset when people ask me to try on my glasses. To be clear, this causes no offense to me. I just always find it to be interesting. I still let people try on my pair but I always wonder, why do you need to?

Saturday, February 22, 2014


I am prone to having very weird dreams. The image above this text is an example of what goes on in said dreams. It never makes sense. It's always in shadows, there's always minimal use of color, and, it's always sort of compiled awkwardly together. Are dreams meant to be hidden messages from our psyche? I am not well enough versed in Freud to support this argument, nor would I want to. I think that sometimes we just have dreams when we lack other creative outlets in our awake lives. All that pent up creative energy has to be let out somewhere. I do not have much more to say about this. I just felt like sharing. What do you think of dreams? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Trash Talk

Now, I love my roommates, believe me when I say I do. They are probably some of the sweetest, most considerate, people I have ever lived with. They constantly do nice things or just be there for me when needed.

I am really lucky to have them. There is just one thing I really dislike that they do- they don't take out the trash.
Now, I understand not wanting to take out the trash. The trash is smelly and sometimes really heavy. It's worse when there is a hole in the bag and trash leaks out everywhere. Then you have to clean up everything and that is way more than you signed up for. I do not mind taking out the trash myself. What I do mind, is the fact that my roommates will spray perfume around the trash can instead of emptying it.
Why. What is the point of that.
The trash bag does not suddenly gain more space by masking the odor. It is not a black hole that absorbs everything in its path. It is finite, and every so often needs to be replaced.
So every week I have to explain to them how this does nothing. Yet they continue to do it.
Will I ever understand?
No. The answer is no I will not.